Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Tragic Loss

I am sad to say that we have suffered a great loss. Its tragic. I'm not sure that we can make it through the day. The WII remote has....(insert deep sob here) died. OK so it was really just the batteries but unfortunately we were not smart enough to buy rechargeable batteries and we didn't have any regular batteries anywhere in the house to be found. ALAS...what is a girl to do in the face of such tragedy?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Juice Box or Beat Box?

I have to start this post by saying my husband is such a dork. I love him...he's my dork...but a dork none the less. I also have to mention that between the fact that he is a dork and I am a completely nerd our child...had no choice but to be quirky. Aspergers aside...chances are she would still be quirky. So what happens when you get quirky and dork together at the dinner table? A lot of silliness and lots of laughter.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

American Idol Try Outs?

Our house is rarely quiet. Which may come as quite a surprise to some people. Autism for our family has never really meant quiet...quiet in public maybe but quiet in private never. Even before she could talk she hummed...constantly. When you called our house it sounded like a band of monkeys had taken over...or so I have been told.

A Buggy Situation

7:10. I hear no signs of life coming from quirky girl's room so I decide to investigate. "Are you up?" Silence. "Are you making up your bed?" Silence. "Are you getting dressed?" Again Silence. "Madeline?"
"Can you come up her please." a tiny voice floats down the stairs.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If its ok with you I'll sit under the table...

Eye contact for my daughter is hit or miss. She is usually OK making eye contact with the people in her circle...those people she sees everyday and are comfortable with. She never however makes eye contact with a stranger... well until this weekend. We were at a restaurant and had just been seated. Things are going swell...wonderfully easy. Its fairly quiet considering its the weekend and we didn't even have to wait. Things are almost what you might say going too well. My husband would say that he feels a disturbance in the force (STARS WARS NERD) me I call it mother's intuition.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eating Zippers?

Tonight as we sat down at the table to eat dinner Madeline asked me what was in our stir fry. Being the mom that I am and one who has been down this road before I was what you might call somewhat vague. Only things you like...broccoli, carrots...I told her but truth be told it was a stir fry frozen mix I knew that much and that was all. This was quite frankly leftovers that my husband had cooked the night before and well...I didn't really know what all in ended up in that stir fry. Could have been anything...

Quirky is as Quirky Does

Unless you just came out from under a rock and this is your first dip into the real world you have probably heard of Autism. Its every where now...TV, billboards and every movie star and rock star seems to be getting on the band wagon. Don't get me wrong I'm glad...famous names bring money and money is needed for research. Research is needed to find effective treatments for kids with Autism on all levels. But to our family she is simply quirky. Quirky is as quirky does. She dances to her own beat on her own homemade drum and sings a song she made up in her head. We can't help but laugh...and even though some days are extremely frustrating (they can't all be good) we laugh more than we cry and well that's what life is all about right?