Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eating Zippers?

Tonight as we sat down at the table to eat dinner Madeline asked me what was in our stir fry. Being the mom that I am and one who has been down this road before I was what you might call somewhat vague. Only things you like...broccoli, carrots...I told her but truth be told it was a stir fry frozen mix I knew that much and that was all. This was quite frankly leftovers that my husband had cooked the night before and well...I didn't really know what all in ended up in that stir fry. Could have been anything...
turns out it was zippers. Or at least that is what Madeline said. Things were going swimmingly or chewingly OK so both of those sound pretty nerdy but the point is things were going well and she was eating and I was eating and life was good. Then...this is a bad piece mom and off the plate it goes (those pieces may land anywhere...its a hazard in our surface is safe including my plate or anyone else who is close by). Me in my "ignorance" asks what do you mean? She removes the round flat white offending object and inspects it closely. Tastes like zippers she at this point can I say? I wouldn't eat zippers either. It sounds disgusting if you ask for the offending object turns out it was a water chestnut and well...those sound disgusting to me too :)