Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It all started with a Story...

It started simple enough. A story. Then one story turned into two...three...four...more and then into a blog. I had to start the blog or she was going to single handedly deforest part of the earth...you would have seen us on Hoarders...we would be the house drowning in paper. I thought I was smart...give her an outlet to be creative.  Was that enough to staunch Quirky thirst for creativity?
no....absolutely not. Now....NOW...Quirky has decided that we are going to build a theme park. Oscar's World. Yes she has designed games and rides and multitude of other things that will be in this park. This along with the movie that we are supposed to make during spring break. And what is any kids movie today without merchandise. No problem.... Quirky has that covered with the catolog full of stuff that she has designed. Toys, clothing, tools, furniture the list goes on and on. Wait...did you hear about the Oscar music? And yes she wrote songs and designed the album covers. Oh yeah there is the restuarant too...Oscar Eats. MMMMM....can we say obsessed?
  I'm not complaining...OK I am complaining a little. I do after all have to hear about this on a minute by minute basis meaning every minute that I am with her and she doesn't have food in her mouth.  I do know that kids with Asperger's often have obssessions...right not Quirky most definetely has a full fledged obsession albeit a very creative obsession but an obsession none the less. Like I said...it all started with a story.