Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Its just a finger...

I had to find out from another parent. I'm glad she told me and I'm glad that her child was honest and caring enough to tell her. I also have to mention that this child was not part of all this nonsense. Apparently some kids at school have been getting Quirky to make rude gestures (imagine the worse) and then laughing.
 Quirky has ever since she was a little tot has always pointed with her second finger...but our society...All I have to say is AAARRRGGGHHH! I mean come on its just a finger. I'm not saying that I haven't tried to break her from this habit...I know how it looks and what people are going to think. But its kind of like telling a left handed kid...ok from now on you may only use your right hand. Its just not natural to her. So anyway enter dirty minded kids...and you get this mess. They get Quirky to do gestures. Quirky has no idea what these gestures mean. Kids laugh. Quirky is happy she has made kids happy. Quirky thinks she has made friends. So long story short here ensues another trip to the school to talk to teachers, etc.....I am just so tired of all this. I try my best to remain positive but sometimes when you have an autistic kid...a high functioning autistic kid...a kid who wants friends...but can never quite seem to get there...its all starts to just get a little old. I'm tired of these reruns...can I turn the channel now?