Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Attitudey Judy

...that is what I have taken to calling Quirky. Judy is not her real name mind just rhymes in a self satisfying kind of way. Lately Quirky has been throwing a lot and I mean a lot of attitude my way. Ask a simple question what do I get...attitude. Can hear her when she mumbles...ask her to repeat...more attitude. Where is all this attitude coming from? I have theories...

early onset of teenage attitude mixed with a somewhat comical ability to perfectly mimic the comic strips...mainly Sally from Peanuts. What can I do about the teenage attitude? Nothing...there is no cure. I just take two aspirin daily for the headache I am bound to receive and I'll call you when she turns twenty-five. The Sally problem...well that can be helped a little. Limit her access to Peanut comic strips. If you are sitting here thinking what is this woman talking about...Sally?...attitude...huh? Go find a peanuts comic strip with Sally in it. said with attitude. Can't see it in the comic strip then watch its Its the Great Pumkin Charlie Brown. Attitude. This is the attitude that I am encountering. So I think  what I really have here is early onset teenage attitude handled the only way she knows mimicking comic strips and cartoons. AHHH...such is life with Aspergers and I guess all in all it is kind of funny :)