Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mmmmm...Is that light I see?

There is a strange look on her face...a mixture of panic...I want to laugh...and pure curiosity. Why? Dork. Most things that make me want to really laugh start with Dork and Quirky. What am I talking about? Let me explain...

Somehow...I'm not really sure it was all that hard...Dork convinced Quirky that you could see all the way through her head by looking in her ear. Talk about a look of panic....a look of well that can't be right but Dad just said it it must be true....wait a minute is he joking with me...what if he isn't....AAAAAHHHHHH! At least that is what I imagining was going through her head as watched all this nonsense unfold. As the look of panic dissipates Quirky finally gathers up her courage to look in Dork's ear. Her face still reads curiosity and unsurety...what if Dad is telling the truth???? What then???? She looked...looked...her face changes...a mixture of relief and still a little panic. "I can't see anything." What is going through her head? I can only imagine.