Monday, April 11, 2011

Special Olympics

Quirky recently got the opportunity to participate in our local track and field special Olympics. She brought home one first place ribbon and two third place ribbons. She was ecstatic...on top of the world. Dork and I were extremely proud. This is not our first experience with Special Olympics either in fact you might Quirky is beginning to become quite a pro...this is her third year. Participating gives Quirky an opportunity to relax and kick back with her friends....and by kick back I mean....

DANCE. You thought I was going to post all about the Olympics didn't you? Nope. All though Quirky did run extremely in now you see and now you don't kind of fast. To me though that was not the highlight of the day.
The highlight would have to be the break the middle of the field...out in front the the music played by the local high school band. I laughed till my sides hurt...I laughed because it was hysterical...I laughed because I was happy...I laughed because my child is still young enough or is it autistic enough?  to not be too self conscience to dance when the mood strikes her...even when a whole football stand full of people is watching her.
She is my Quirky girl and I am so very proud of her no matter whether she is running like the wind...dancing like a maniac...or just being the free spirit that she is. She is my Quirky and I love her quirks and all.