Monday, May 9, 2011

A Beautiful Handmade Mother's Day Card

Friday Quirky brought home a lovely handmade Mother's Day card. A card not just from her but also from our dog ...because I am his mother too. On it she wrote some acrostic poems.

Very cute
Ever round

Married to Dad

Let me see...likeable...most of the time. At least to those who get my sense of humor...really life is too short not to laugh about it. Overjoyed...constantly who wouldn't be? I have the best daughter and husband in the world. Very Cute? Maybe...but so are baby baboons. Ever round? I wasn't sure what she meant...I am getter rounder in certain areas as I age (as in all over). Turns out that she meant I was always around. Memorable...hopefully. Overjoyed...well like I said my life is pretty great. Last...Married to Dad. Yes...wouldn't trade it for anything. Reading this lovely poem just reminded me of who I am and where my place Full time Mom to a Quirky kid and wacky dog...full time wife to a wonderful man...Part-time artist, mostly neurotic individual who loves her family and despite the moments of breaking into complete complaining mode...a mostly happy person. What can I say...I love my life and I love my family.