Thursday, May 26, 2011


Quirky and I were headed out to do some shopping. I was rushing around trying to finish getting dressed and Quirky was "helping" by sitting in my bathroom "talking" my ear off. As bad as I hate to say it...most of what she said I kind of ignored (insert sheepish shrug here). It was repetitive...things I has already heard earlier in the day, week, get the point. My ears however did perk up when there was a pause in the conversation...which was followed by...
"Mom, Will I have those stripey things when I grow up?" MMMM. If you are woman maybe you have figured out what those stripey things are. If not let me go ahead tell you...stretch marks. I know few moms who escaped without them...some wear them like a badge of honor...others spend years trying to find the right cream to make them disappear. Me? Well I just try to pretend they are not was working. AAAHHH! Vanity.
How did I answer Quirky you wonder? I wanted to avoid the question and keep pretending they weren't there. I tried. She asked again and pointed them out...just in case I didn't see them. So I took a moment to figure out the best way to explain what they were and why most women get them.
I was taking way to she asked again. Finally I just said "Yes. Probably." I was going to continue with my answer. I was going to put a positive spin on what I felt was flaw. I was going to... but I didn't get the chance.
Quirky just looked at me and said "OK." Did she panic about the  chance that her body maybe permanent flawed? Nope. Did she panic that others may see them when she is on the beach or at the pool. Nope. Did she panic and calculate the cost of all the multitude of creams that she must by one day? Nope. Vanity has yet to reach her. I hope it never does. I hope she continues to believe that she beautiful as much for who she is and the kind of person she is as she for her beautiful face. I hope that she understand that despite what you see...on magazines...movies...we all have the potential to be beautiful.