Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Would you care to join me?

I'm having a pity party. Recently I celebrated...no that's the wrong word....recently my birthday came and went. Was I expecting a big elaborate party? No. What I expecting a big YEE-HAW at the local restaurant? Definitely not. Was I expecting a birthday cake? No. Was I expecting a gift? No not really...although it would have been nice. Was I expecting the phone to ring off the hook with well-wishers? No. Was I expecting a card? No...but a girl can be hopeful.
I guess in truth I wasn't expecting much at all. You know the saying if you don't expect much you won't be disappointed? Well....its not entirely true.
 I had no expectations...and I was still disappointed...still a little sad.
So what did I get for my birthday? One card...from my mother-in-law. That's it. Oh yeah...unless you count Dork...preoccupied with work and sleepy...Quirky completely oblivious (I don't blame her). Yes...we did eat out. I refused to cook...it was out or nothing. Over all though it was a really really crappy day. Dork doesn't understand why I am upset. Let me see if I can explain this...
Just once I would like a birthday when Dork is not working...or thinking about working...or planning something for work...or sleeping because he has been working. Just once I would like Dork to have the fore thought to pick out a card...maybe even a small gift...the fore thought to teach Quirky that its nice to say happy birthday. (Because it would never occur to her on her own) Just once I would like a family who actually remembered that I was born. Just once I would like to have someone...anyone care that I was born. Maybe next year...but don't worry I have no expectations.