Friday, November 30, 2012

Tis the Season for Holiday Traditions

      Tonight Quirky and I will be headed to see a local production of the Nutcracker. It is done through a local ballet and while the dancers may not be famous or as graceful as more experienced dancers they are perfectly imperfect. Just like us. A Quirky girl and her slightly neurotic mom. Yeah...I can admit it. I've got just a tad of panickycrazymomitis. A great portion of my life I have let fear lead my decisions...

      but lucky for me four years ago, this week end, I let that fear step aside for a moment. A wonderful moment when I said yes...I can do this...she can do this...we can do this and started a Christmas tradition with Quirky. A tradition that in its birth I was more than a little nervous about. I was not sure just how Quirky was going to react to her environment. Would she love it; or would she panic at the crowds? Would she be upset when the lights went out? Would she have a meltdown at the most inopportune time? Would she? Would she? Would she?  I am so glad that I didn't let those panicky thoughts take over...because today here I am...with the most beautiful and wonderful girl I know...headed for a show that is nothing short of magical. A show that took a bite out of my wall of fear and started the foundation for Quirky's love of theater. A show that brings us closer together every year. A show that is more than a show. Its a tradition.