Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oscar...we will miss you.

This post is for Oscar...so that we never forget. Our relationship was rocky and you were often more cat than dog, but you wormed your way into our hearts. Sixteen years with you was an adventure...a trying one...but an adventure non the less. From your high speed youth filled with boundless energy to your older years when most days were one long nap. I will miss you for so many reasons...

Here are just a few...

You brought Quirky and I closer together in a way that I never expected.
You helped give Quirky a voice and got her started on a creative adventure...I hope the stories continue.
You understood every word I said...and you were much cheaper and better than a Therapist.
Your expressions were hysterical...often I needed the laugh.
You were the last remaining link to a stepfamily that I no longer have...and miss.
You were the second baby that I could not have...