Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cheaper Than A Therapist

School has started at full speed ahead for us, and I find myself trying to do multitude of things at one time. Mornings are the absolute worst it seems. Quirky made it through the first week getting up on time, having her breakfast, and so on...just like clockwork. I had time to make breakfast for myself, because despite school starting back I am still trying to stick to getting healthier. It was a dream, a honey moon, or maybe a grace period, but after that first week...forget it.

This week has been crazy.  I'm waking up well before my brain is fully functional and trying to keep some kind of order to your morning while still half asleep is near to impossible. Quirky has slid right back to her comfortable spot of turning off her alarm and waiting till I come and force her to get out of bed. Then with feet dragging she wanders downstairs to eat her breakfast at the pace of a slug. She wanders back upstairs to shower and dress, which she does at the same "I have no where to be" pace. Which means that she wanders down for class time late.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to run around and gather our school things and mentally go over our lessons list. I spend part of the time trying to clean up clutter from the night before, because even the most benign thing, like say a unfolded blanket, can lead to distraction with Quirky. I usually eat one mouthful of whatever I'm having while running off to complete another task. It's chaos, and to make matters worse, I've given up caffeine! This morning in my brain fog I misplaced something and it took me the better part of the morning to realize I had put it in the spice cabinet. No where near to where it belongs.

Our days are no less busy. 8th grade times multiple subjects equals crazy mom. Our new block schedule has helped but I'm still filling the pressure of highschool is just a year away. To top it all off, after a Labor Day decision to redo our fireplace, my house is a cluttered mess filled with painting tools drop clothes and a giant ladder, and because we are not finished the mess is going nowhere soon. The ladder for some odd reason is a huge distraction for Quirky. She goes out of her way to walk by it...she spent 15 minutes reading the warning labels on the side. Of course that would be fine if we weren't in the middle of discussing history. So I find that I have to run distraction interference. My sewing basket projects are piling up, I haven't had time to blog and forget about finding time to pick up a paint brush and work on those blank canvases. Me time? Forget it. Sleep, School, Clean, Cook, Grade and repeat. There is no me time!! 

Today however...I took it back. My time that is. I sat down in my living room floor put up mental barriers to all I "should" being doing to do what I am doing. Blogging. 

I am me roar. Ok...hear me whine. Thanks for listening, whoever you are. You really are cheaper than a therapist.