Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Buggy Situation

7:10. I hear no signs of life coming from quirky girl's room so I decide to investigate. "Are you up?" Silence. "Are you making up your bed?" Silence. "Are you getting dressed?" Again Silence. "Madeline?"
"Can you come up her please." a tiny voice floats down the stairs.
This is never a good start to our day. Several things start going through my head...trouble making the bed or maybe wardrobe malfunction...daydreaming...and even this. Its happened before and it will happen again. I yawn my way up the stairs walking carefully because I am not wearing my glasses. I walk through her bedroom door hoping to find socks inside out or a shirt on backwards or even a blanket that had fell on the floor. Nope. What I find is Madeline kneeling on her bed staring at her shelf beside her bed. "What is it?" I ask. No words, just pointing at the shelf. I take a guess. "Oh...did we forget to set your clock?" No. She points again...and then I see it (only by squinting my eyes and practically sticking my nose to it). AAAAAHHHH! It might could be...DARE I SAY IT?...a BUG! Its not. Its only dust. Dust the size of a pen point. Dust that just reminded me that I really needed to clean her room. Dust to delay our start of the day and mess up our routine...DUST!