Thursday, February 24, 2011

American Idol Try Outs?

Our house is rarely quiet. Which may come as quite a surprise to some people. Autism for our family has never really meant quiet...quiet in public maybe but quiet in private never. Even before she could talk she hummed...constantly. When you called our house it sounded like a band of monkeys had taken over...or so I have been told.

Now it sounds like an American Idol Try-out. She sings. CONSTANTLY. Some songs are made up. Some songs are memorized from the radio. Some songs even need musical bongos or keyboards or any of those multitude of musical objects that at some point I was insane enough to buy. My daughter has many wonderful gifts...creativity...a fast runner (Can we say blue ribbons...a proud mother is allowed to brag a little right?) and most important a good heart.
What she is not graced with is the ability to sing...she gets that from me. You know the part in Shrek where Princess sings with the bird until it dies? Well I am pretty sure that if we did a duet together we could probably at the very least send several small animals into hiding and cause the most happiest of babies to cry.
Despite this just about every afternoon finds her in her room singing. Singing as loud as she can like she is giving a concert for the world. She doesn't know that the sounds she make might quite possibly break my crystal. She sings with gusto...she sings with the enthusiasm that most people may never be able to achieve. She sings and it makes me smile. It makes me smile because silence can be deafening. I smile because I have been graced with a daughter who has Autism...but also sings...dances...a paints my world a rainbow of emotions. I am happy to feel each and every one.