Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Tragic Loss

I am sad to say that we have suffered a great loss. Its tragic. I'm not sure that we can make it through the day. The WII remote has....(insert deep sob here) died. OK so it was really just the batteries but unfortunately we were not smart enough to buy rechargeable batteries and we didn't have any regular batteries anywhere in the house to be found. ALAS...what is a girl to do in the face of such tragedy?

   She cried. She stomped. She cried some more. She stomped some more and flailed her arms. She rolled her eyes (I had the nerve to suggest we do something DIFFERENT (GASP!) It was all rather theatrical. And the Oscar goes to....
Toward the end of Quirky's meltdown her sobs were more like gasps and all she kept saying was call Dad. Mom couldn't make it better...maybe Dad could. Unfortunately Dork would be working late and would not be coming home until well after the keeper of all things great (AKA Target...I LOVE THAT PLACE!) would have long been closed.
I broke the bad news...more sobs. I waited. I waited. I waited. Finally the sobs had run their course...the sniffles set in and we were able to decide that a movie with popcorn would be almost as good.
Was I angry for Quirky throwing such a fit over such a little thing? No. It had been an afternoon with more than one disappointment and this was simply the last straw.We had canceled our plans to go to the school dance. 300 kids aged K-5 in one small gym and loud music. Need I even explain why I decided not to go? Her friend was out of town and unable to play. She could take no more. Yes quirky can be flexible but sometimes Quirky's mind can only flex so much and the Asperger's just has to take over.
It can't be helped. I could break out all the parenting tips that I have received when I have been faced with this situation before...ignore her, spank her, yell at her...don't let her get away with that. To what end? So that my child learns that we she needs me most...when she is unable to process her own deepest emotions...that Mom will only strike out in anger. I think not. Its not my way...its not my style. I simply wait. I wait and if she will let me I will hold her. I let her know that in a day that may seem completely out of control there is one thing that is constant...her family's love and understanding.