Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Arm Farts?

You might say that potty humor in our family is embraced. Bad parenting you say? Hear me out...
It was not until recently that I really realized just how much we have embraced the potty humor. It all started with the kids movie Robots...old movie I know but it was our first time seeing it. It was perfect for Quirky's sense of contained segments of crude and rude humor (on a side note Quirky has taken up reading the ratings on movie boxes). Let me put it a little contains lots of potty humor.

Fast forward to later that night after the movie.
This is what I walk in on. Dork and Quirky are upstairs. Dork supervising the brushing of teeth etc. before bed. Or least that's what I thought. I head up the stairs to peek in on Quirky and Dork and see if its time for tucking in and saying good night.
What I find is Quirky staring intently at the mirror with her hand in her arm pit. Is she really trying to do what I think she is doing? Yes. At this point I have two words for you...ARM FARTS. And from the look on her face she was not succeeding and things were getting ready to go south and not in a sunshiny kind of way.
Enter Dork. (hum super hero music now) He can leap tall buildings in a single not really....he's faster than a speeding not really...but in this case Dork really was the hero of the night. He was the hero because he could do what at the moment seemed to be impossible...Arm Farts. Some quick tips and parental guidance from said Dork and Quirky was making Arm Farts like a pro. Every time she managed to make a fart sound...she giggled and her face turned a nice shade of pink. It was a lovely bonding moment. I was so proud.
I should have been disgusted. I was a I said in our family we have embraced potty humor. It brings laughter into our house and in my book that's OK...I also know that this will probably pass (no pun intended). But for right now we are embracing it for what it is...a part of a NORMAL childhood. And for a kid who too often is singled out for being " a typical development" "special needs" or that backward compliment "exceptional children" being able to say that this is a part of a "Normal" childhood makes me willing to embrace what ever potty jokes are thrown my way.