Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How does she do that?

We had omelets for dinner tonight. I am going to start boring you to pieces with what we have for dinner every night? No.
I only mention it because of the way in which Quirky eats her omelet. Just egg and cheese....but that is not the quirky part. Its HOW she eats it. From the inside out. No really...I'm not joking.
First she digs a small hole in the topside of the omelet. Then very carefully she pulls all the cheese out with her fork through that hole. Then she eats the egg. How weird is that? Did I mention that she also peels her hot dogs before she eats them...and her mushrooms....and her pizza...and her sandwich...bread from the center out...oatmeal dry....oh the list goes on and on. To say that Quirky has an unusual way of eating is well...and understatement.
Does all this bother me? I guess not really...I would much rather have a child who peels who mushrooms before she eats them than a child who will not eat them at all. I would much rather have a child who eats her food in odd ways than a child who refuses to eat most foods. I am lucky...Quirky will eat just about anything (I have been told this is odd in itself for a child with autism). So am going to complain or get mad about all these weird habits. Nope....what can I say that's just Quirky.