Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ice Cream Anyone?

So after leaving Dork's office this afternoon and completing our errands Quirky asks...Can we go get some ice cream? It was a simple request and I was feeling generous. Ok let's be honest I was feeling hot and sweaty and ice cream sounded good to me too. What ensued was a ridicilous amount of stop and go events
that ended luckily in no major tears and eventually with the much coveted ice cream. First we went to the local christian bookstore...which USED to have ice cream. Alas...no more. A few stomps but lucky me :) no tears. So we decide to go to McDonald's.
On the way to McDonald's we pass the bakery and Quirky decides she must go there instead. We stop. Yes they have ice cream (odd...this is a bakery?) But no tables no napkins no chairs...What kind of place is this???? Much to Quirky's disappointment Mom gave her a big fat NO! on this one. I know how Quirky eats and there is absolutely NO WAY she is going to eat triple chocolate ice cream in my car. NEVER. NOPE. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. She could have thrown the fit to top all fits...MOM WAS NOT GOING TO BUDGE ON THIS ONE.
Lucky me...she seems to be flexible today. We climb back in the car and head toward McDonalds. We arrive at our destination...excitement is building....I'm sweating like a maniac (What does that even mean?)...we get inside. Did we get our coveted ice cream. NO! They machine was broken. BROKEN!! AAAAHHHHH! I wanted to throw a fit...stomp my feet and yell.
Quirky teared up....but over all handled it rather well. Because Quirky handles it so well I decided that it really wasn't appropriate for Mom to throw a fit either. We get back in the car (Can't stop me now I am a woman on a mission!)...we eventually ended up at another fast food restuarant paying way too much for a fairly small milkshake.
I could have gone to the grocery store and bought two containers of ice cream for the same price. Why didn't I you ask...because apparantly I'm crazy...or maybe stubborn...a pushover...I don't know. All I know is that today life was definitely a...JOURNEY!