Friday, March 18, 2011

Pop Tarts

Have you seen the Pop Tart commercial?....the cartoon one with the happy Mom making the Pop Tarts and the kids come sliding down the stairs and start dancing. They just can't wait to get their little animated hands on those Pop Tarts....mmmm makes me hungry and reminds of my childhood. Quirky has been fascinated by that commercial
...and apparently she is not immune to the power of suggestion.
Quirky who has always refused (firmly refused!) to eat jelly, jam or anything that resembles those two things. Or at least she had. Not anymore...the power of suggestion has had its way with her. She asked for Pop Tarts. I explained what was on the inside...she was not deterred...she still wanted them. So I bought the much coveted new item fully expecting to have deal with gag reflexes (certain items have been known to make Quirky projectile vomit at just the sight of the offending object)...crying...and then the bliss of enjoying those Pop Tarts myself :).
Nope didn't happen. She loves them. She actually broke her Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal streak. Its been several months running. The streak would have been longer but we ran out and GASP! she had to eat something different. If you had asked me say last week if her oatmeal streak would be broken anytime soon...I would have said no. If you had asked me me last week if Quirky's Oatmeal streak would be broken by Pop Tarts....I would have said NO ABSOLUTELY NOT...THAT'S JUST NUTS!
Turns out I was wrong...looks like I'll have to buy my own Pop Tarts.