Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Some might say we are over protective while others might wonder what we could have possibly been thinking...We finally let Quirky watch the Shrek movies. I'm still not sure whether that was good parenting or bad parenting. I know...I know...most kids her age have seen all the Shrek movies.
With Quirky though things have a way of being misunderstood and well we just weren't sure if she was ready. Did we destroy her love of princesses and  belief in fairytale endings or did she learn that true beauty comes in all forms and that true love is not about fairy tales but about loving and respecting each other unconditionally? I'm not sure. What I do know is that the opening menu of Shrek 2 has made a lasting impression. In fact it has become an ongoing game in our house.

See if you can figure out these movie titles that Quirky and Dork came up with:

Donkey Takes Manhattan
Donkey in Wonderland
Donkey Little
Donkeys from Space
Finding Donkey
Toy Donkey
Donkey and the Chipmunks
The Great Donkey Caper
Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Donkeys

These are just the ones I remember. I am guessing this game is here to stay at least until the next movie that we cave and finally let her watch:)