Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What in the world is she wearing?

Quirky's fashion sense is somewhat unique. Stripes with problem. Shirt buttoned up wrong...its a new fashion trend. Hair sticking up everywhere...its all the rage. Most days I help to edit that unique fashion sense. The past Monday I left Dork in charge and well.....

let's just say that Dork didn't edit. What was Quirky wearing you ask? I really wish I had taken a picture...words really do it no justice. I should be flattered...she picked two items that I had sewn for her myself...she loves it when I make her new clothes. Separate they are quite cute...together not so much. OK. OK. I think I have drug this out long enough...Quirky was wearing a black and red striped tank top with large fabric flowers on it and with it she chose to wear her hot cocoa skirt. HUH? The hot cocoa skirt is made of fabric that has mugs of hot cocoa all over is very cute and very pink. Me...I would have edited. You may wear this or that but not together...not Dork. Nope.
She looks fine...he says when I ask later that afternoon when I get home. Besides she hasn't had that on all day. OK good I think...until he explains. She was only wearing this when we out to lunch and to run errands around town and to the store. Dork..Dork...Dork...what can I do with him. Is it not enough that sometimes our child often picks her nose in public, talks to herself , has gas in public (more often than I really want to admit) and does a multitude of other things that tend to make people stare and kids tease? Do we really have to let her go out with clothing that is just going to compound the staring?
Maybe Dork is right... I worry too much. Quirky doesn't seem to mind her fashion sense. Quirky is quirky after all and well she is comfortable being who she is. She doesn't spend her days worrying whether she is being normal or blending in enough...she has her own version of normal...we call it quirky.