Sunday, May 29, 2011

Girl Time...

Sometimes I am just really thankful that Quirky is a girl. I know...boys are great too...but I was blessed with a girl. I wouldn't trade her for a dozen boys. Why? Because having a girl means doing girlie things together like...

playing hair dresser....and nail salon. Things I remember doing as a little girl with my mom. This past Friday we played nail salon. First I did Quirky's toenails and fingernails. They are now a simply lovely light blue with dazzlingly bright pink polka dots. No plain Jane nails for her. They are as quirky as she is...and she loves them. I'm glad.
After painting hers it was my turn in the salon chair...I was a little nervous. This would be the first time that I was going to let Quirky actually paint my nails with real polish. Before it was always pretend. I was too worried that she would spill something (a very real possibility with Quirky). Quirky is getting older though...and well it was time to let her creative juices flow on something other than paper. Lets just say that she let her creative genius loose. My toes are a very shiny dark blue with light blue stripes. They are lovely...she did a great job. Only half my toes were covered.
My finger nails well...they are sporting a very unique plaid. Yes...I said plaid.  They are simply Divine and I am wearing them with pride. Yes...there were a few spots on my fingers...but that's OK.
As most Moms can tell you it is amazing the things you will wear in public...if your child made it. I have wore button necklaces...beaded bracelets and a multitude of other things in the sake of motherhood...Plaid nails are no exception. I wear them with pride...for no other reason than Quirky did them. Isn't that enough?