Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Testing....PLEASE?

Recently Quirky's had to do her end of the year testing. Yes tests. Those dreaded...panic attack causing....stressful things that are required by most if not all states. Quirky though...well she and I have a unique way of looking at things and well I guess it has paid off...

because Quirky breezed through her testing. No stress. No worry. What do I tell Quirky about those tests? What's the magic? Do YOUR best...and that is all you can do. Your best is not the same as someone elses best.   I try not to stress that she has to pass the test...just do her best and I always let her know that Dork and I are not going to be mad if she does not "PASS" the test. So do Your best and remember...one test does always tell just how smart or how much you have learned in one whole year.
Like I said I guess this method is working for us...because not only did Quirky "Pass" with flying colors she also asked for more!? WHAT? You ask. There was no writing portion and let's just say that did not sit well with Quirky and she has been asking ever since when she is going to get to "finish" her test. It's just so "Quirky".