Monday, June 13, 2011


Quirky asked me something last night at dinner...something that made me feel a little sad. Sad that she would ever think to ask this question. Her question?
"Mom Do I have disabilities?" My heart skipped a beat...but my answer I already knew. It was in my my head and on the tip of my tongue. No...a definite no. But I did not just say no. I couldn't just say no...she deserved a better answer. What did I say?
No Quirky. You do not have disabilities. You have possibilities. You were born with the possibility to learn many be anything. You could be an artist...a inventor...a teacher...a were born with endless possibilities. So no were not born with were born with possibilities.
Did she listen to me? I don't know...I hope she did. I hope she understands that Dork and I believe in her. I hope she understands...we are all full of possibilities.