Thursday, June 9, 2011

I guess people were bound to find out

The cat's out of the bag, the beans are spilled...the truth is out. In simpler terms...Quirky told. So for inquiring minds...(insert dramatic pause here)
We have decided to homeschool next year. Homeschooling is not new to is where we started and looking back now quite possibly where we should have stayed. Why are we choosing to homeschool again? A multitude of reasons but the most important one come to mind...

The original and only reason (not for social skills as most people assume)  we put Quirky in public school in the first place was so that she could receive the speech therapy and occupational therapy that our new school district refused to provide because we homeschooled. Ironically within a few months of being in the public school system the IEP was reviewed and it was decided that Quirky no longer needed those services.
Speaking of IEPs...that is one of the reasons. No matter how hard you try an IEP is focused on the negative aspects of your child. What they can't do...have a hard time doing...need extra help on...blah blah blah!  I am tired of focusing on Quirky's negatives. There are so many positives that simply get forgotten...she is wonderful...she is highly intelligent....she is curious (this is the child who asked for encyclopedias for Christmas)...she loves to learn...she is artistic...she is quirky...she is exactly who she was meant to be. She is not like everybody else...she marches to her own beat. I am simply tired of trying to force her into a mold that she does not fit. A regular classroom is not for Quirky... nor is a self-contained classroom.   Homeschooling offers her something the public school system never on one in the areas that she needs and at the same time ample opportunity to explore and develop the areas in which she excels.
 We look forward to encouraging Quirky's natural curiosity and desire to learn. So here we go again... back to our homeschool roots.