Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Quirky has a few obsessions...things that occupy a vast majority of our time and can often take over our lives. One of those reoccurring themes are...

You see Quirky likes to plan parties.  She plans them in detail.   Themes...food...decorations...every detail. Sounds cute doesn't it? It is...real cute until you have explain to someone who has been "invited" that there isn't a party. Not that it has been canceled...or postponed...that would be easy...Nope. Explain that there never was a party. That your lovely little Quirky girl lied. I have had the pleasure more than once...and yes on those occasions I was a little aggravated. Here is a kid...an autistic kid...a kid who rarely talks to anybody other than her family...a kid who some days won't talk at all...inviting people to parties! AAAAHHHH! That's Quirky though...let her talk about one of her obsessions and she won't shut up. No participation required...just nod your head occasionally and try not to fall asleep. Once Quirky sat down with her crayons and drew out cake designs for her next 50 birthdays or so...OK so maybe I'm exaggerating just a little.
Why do I bring this up? Because Quirky has been at it again. This time apparently she plans on renting out the mall...not a room at the mall...the ENTIRE MALL. The guest list is never ending. The decorations...the food...the cake...AAAAHHH!  She keeps calling it her launch party. Launching what I do not know...and I am too scared to ask. I hope she has not invited people...but in the shear chance that you received a hand written invitation...lets just say the party is canceled :)