Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday...Its better than a poke in the eye

Mornings. How do they start in your house? With an alarm wailing at you...maybe a baby wailing at you? Do your kids get up quietly and play...or do they run through the house like a bunch of hooligans destroying everything in their path? Do you sit down to breakfast and a cup of coffee or is it a pop tart as you run out the door willing time to stand still? Our mornings now well lets just say...

they are much better than a poke in the eye. What do I mean? Let me start by saying... Quirky figured out two things about the same time. 1. she could get out of her bed all by herself anytime she wanted...2. Mom will wake up if you give her a good poke in the eye. Stop laughing....its not funny. OK its funny...its downright hysterical now. Key word now...back then at 4:00 in the morning (sometimes earlier and sometimes she let me sleep till 6:00!) it was not funny or cute and it hurt! These lovely awakenings were usually followed by massive fits over breakfast. Back then Quirky didn't respond to questions...they were more often than not met with a blank stare or an echo. It was nearly impossible to figure out what she wanted for I guessed. Sometimes I guess right and all was well...but sometimes I guessed wrong. What happened? Wails similar some prehistoric beast that has long since left our earth...the only reminder is the sound of its voice coming through this small little being that is my child. Most mornings I wanted to pound my head against the wall...or lock myself in the bathroom. I didn't...I couldn't. I waited...what else could I do? Throw a fit like some lunatic just because my child can't communicate? Lucky me those mornings didn't go on like this forever and like most things with Quirky I can't pin point exactly when the change occurred. I think it was a gradual thing...this road to morning independence. Little by little...bit by bit and then here we are. Now. Quirky is fairly independent. Most summer and weekend mornings (School mornings...well that's a whole different post!) Quirky gets up on her own...makes her own bowl of cereal...without so much as telling Dork or myself. She could care less if we are up...she has her routine and the ability to carry it out without our help. She is a wonderful Quirky girl...a wonderfully independent Quirky girl.