Friday, August 26, 2011


The great thing about Barbie is that if something happens to her...well then there are usually at least 5 twins lying around that could easily take her spot. Or at least I thought until oh about 20 minutes ago....

When wails of...."BUT I NEEEEEED HER!!!! PLLEEEAAASE.....I NEEEED HER. GET THE GLUE! GET THE GLUE! WE JUST NEED THE GLUE!" were echoing off the cabinets and walls of my kitchen. What kind of nonsense am I talking about now? Let's just say Barbie got crazy and lost her head...she just doesn't have a good head on her could even call her air-headed. Ok...ok...ok....I'm done with the bad jokes. What happened? Barbie met with a fatal accident. Dork and I were prepared to make the sacrafice and just throw her away....but not Quirky. In fact our suggestions that we just throw her away and that Quirky just play with one of her other Barbies was met with the afore mentioned wails. How did we handle this crisis? I held Quirky while she cried (and held my breath...why?'ll see) and quickly handed Dork the tragic victim. Dork ran upstairs to find her twin and I kept holded my breath. Quirky kept crying and wailing. Me? Still holding my breath...but then I could hold it no more...I couldn't help it...the whole scene was just so comical to me that I had to laugh. Ok maybe laugh isn't quite the right word...hysterical giggles is more like it. The good news about Mom breaking out into hysterical giggles is that it really distracted Quirky. The sobs subsided and I heard a somewhat confused and slightly concerned voice asking, "Mom...What's so funny?" Does laughing about this make me a bad parent? I don't really know...all I do know is that Barbie made it to the trash and has been replaced with one her multitude of twins...and me? I'm thinking I just might need a little extra sleep.