Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday...Bathtime

Water...water...every where PLEASE! PLEASE! DON'T LET IT GET NEAR MY HAIR!!!! OR MY EYES, MOUTH, ARMS, LEGS OR get the point. Quirky used to be scared of water. Bath time in our house used to involve swim goggles...and two adults in wet suits

OK so maybe I'm exaggerating about the wet suits...the goggles? absolutely true. Quirky wore goggles in the bath for a long time. You see her fear went a little beyond the average kids fear of water in the eyes. It was borderline paranoid. When bath time came around at our house Quirky seemed to grow extra legs and arms...the more which to fight off the crazed parents who dared to want her....GASP!.....CLEAN!!!
Bathing like so many things in life is just really not have to do we struggled through it. Night after night...week after week...month after month...and year after year...and slowly something changed. The fighting stopped. The crying stopped. Eventually the goggles disappeared...and so did those crazy nights of fighting to get the little octopus that was our child into the tub. What about now? You ask. Now...its like a dream. Yes Dork and I start the water but Quirky does most of the work. She washes her own hair and bathes herself. Dork and I are simply supervisors...there only to keep her on task. No she doesn't wash her hair quite as well as Dork or myself might but she is doing it. She is bathing her goggles required.