Friday, August 19, 2011

Flashboack Friday...Making Contact

More specifically eye contact. In the early years it was virtually non existent. My mouth was constantly uttering the words look at Mommy...look at Daddy....look at me...look...look...look. Like some crazed parrot starving for attention. 
At this point in flashback fridays I usually go on to talk about how those troubles are non existent Quirky has improved. While it is true that she has made improvements...they are definitely not non existent. Even now eye contact is a fleeting thing in our house...determined by time... place... mood.. activity...a multitude of other reasons that I have yet to learn or  completely understand. So why is this a flashback friday? Because as the years have past Quirky is not the only one who has grown and changed...sometimes its Dork and I who have learned the lessons. So what do I mean? Listen in on our house. What you don't hear is look at me, look at Dad, look at me when I talk to you...look...look...look...look.  No..the deranged parrot has moved on. You see Dork and I have learned that looking does not always mean listening and eye contact does not always mean understanding. With this new understanding has come a whole new way of life...talking to each other...enjoying moments of laughter and conversation...hugs that squeeze the breath out of us...and yes those fleeting moments of eye contact...all these things and more. It really is a glorious life.