Saturday, September 17, 2011

Family Movie Night

Family movie night is a standing date in our house...most often on Friday nights but sometimes it is postponed to Saturday. Last night however found Quirky and myself home alone...Dork had to work :(  . On the upside to Dork being gone was that Quirky and I had movie night our style...

curled up in Mom's bed with the lights down low. Snuggled together giggling at how incredibly silly those Muppets really are. We were watching The Great Muppet Caper for oh...I don't know...the billionth time. We had the subtitles on just the way Quirky likes it. Most movie nights we don't...subtitles drive Dork crazy. Last night though a little voice asked, "Mom is it OK if there are subtitles?" I couldn't resist that little subtitles it was. "Mom do you mind if we watch this movie?" I couldn't resist that little we watched The Great Muppet Caper...again. Its amazing what Mom's will do for that little voice...not the whiny voice...the little girl voice.
 It was nice...girl time...just us...together. Giggling. Half way through the movie Quirky's eyes were dropping and so were mine...we made the decision to continue or movie in the am hours. So...we turned off the lights and sleep found us both very quickly. Morning came and we continued our snuggles and I found my day brightened by giggles. Life is good.