Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hover Mom

Have you ever had the hairs on the back of your neck stand up...had your gut tell you something was not right? I had that feeling today. It is so not a good feeling... I was at the public library with Quirky. We were in the children's section looking at books. Me...I am a hover mom and Quirky is not allowed within hand grabbing distance away from me at all times. Paranoid? Maybe...Maybe not. There was also another mom there with her two young kids...preschool age. The kids were squealing, laughing, and running all over the place. Mom was oblivious. (and no I was not bothered by the noise...although I can be cantankerous I was on my best behavior) Then it hit me that creepy hair standing up on the back of my neck feeling...something is not right feeling...why do I feel like someone has just punched me in the stomach kind of feeling. I looked up and standing not far from Quirky and myself is a rather large man ...just watching these little kids run around with this weird grin on his face. I watched for just moment to see if someone went to him and called him Dad. Nope. I watched to see if he was looking for a book. Nope...just staring at these two little kids while Mom is not paying attention. I immediately grabbed Quirky's hand...instinct. A few seconds later he realized I was looking at him...we made eye contact and he turned around and left the children's section. Maybe I am paranoid...maybe he was harmless...maybe...maybe. All I know is that I sit here tonight still creeped out. I am so glad that I am a hover mom.