Friday, October 21, 2011


One minute she is crying about who knows what...then she is giggling and talking to herself. One minute she is rolling her eyes and stomping her feet...the next she is curled up in my lap wanting to cuddle. Two seconds after that the cycle is likely to repeat. AAAAAAHHHHHH!
Mood swings abound....Quirky is an emotional basket case....Mom is an emotional basket case...Dork is gone ( AGAIN!!!!). AAAAAAAHHHHHH! So here is what I am thinking...

puberty has reached our house. We couldn't hide from it...out run it...or avoid it as much as I would like too. The thing is puberty reaches all of us...special needs or not. It just means that things that need to be explained are going to be a lot harder to explain. While I would love to run for hills...stick my head in the sand...or find a multitude of other ways to avoid having to deal with this...I can't. Dork is no help...he bailed out on the whole puberty talk long before we even remotely got close. Now here I am...holding my breath...counting to ten... trying hard to keep my patience and panicking about the "BIG TALK". AAAAAAAHHHHHH!