Thursday, June 21, 2012

MMMM...Something's Fishy Around Here

      Dork, Quirky, and I went out to lunch today...nothing special just lunch at our local cafeteria. Nerd that I am I got really excited when I saw fried green tomatoes on the bar. It brought back memories of my grandmother. When I saw them I could almost taste them...the subtle taste of

fish. They were really disgusting...and had obviously been cooked in the same oil that Dork and Quirky's fish had been fried. Disgusting. I would have been really disappointed had I not had the opportunity to see how Quirky's mind works. "I guess they must have grown these tomatoes near a fish pond or the ocean mom." I laughed till I hurt...then I laughed some more watching Dork trying to explain it all to Quirky. Quirky is funny enough all by herself but get those two together and watch them try to communicate...well let's just say Hilarious!