Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The world is a stage

and your parents are the captive audience. Our house has a cat walk or balcony if you will...a glorified hallway that connects two bedrooms and a bath. More importantly though it has for many years served as Quirky's stage. Here she has performed for a sometimes willing audience
...namely Dork and myself. It is here with great ceremony that Quirky has performed concerts, plays and stand up comedy and other entertainment to the delights and often the pleads for freedom from her parents. (And snores from Dork...how he could sleep through the noise I'll never figure out)
     Lately though...lately our stage has been silent...lately Quirky has been shutting her bedroom door and spending her time without us. I'm a little sad. After having grumbled on more than one occasion about the multitude of things that I "needed" to do as I sat there waiting for the last song...that seemed to never come...I now find myself in the strange position of missing this forced entertainment.
     With the wondrous benefit of hindsight I realize that there was very little that I actually "needed" to do...Would the dishes spontaneously combust if I did not wash them right away?...Would all the wild creatures from our neighborhood pick the lock and come in just because the trash was taken out a few minutes late...I could go on and on...but the answer I have found is always no. I could have waited...I could have complained less...I could have hurried less...I could have been more patient...I could have enjoyed every single moment as the beautiful butterfly unfolded. (for you metaphorically challenged people...Quirky is the butterfly here) She has unfolded before my very eyes...and I feel that I have missed so much...yet I was here everyday.