Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Copyright J.Hagler
Hello out there and Happy Halloween! Do you have your kids costumes ready yet? Are you well prepared...Oh I bought that weeks ago or did you dash out at the last minute with that crazed mom on a mission look in your eyes and terrorize the shelves of your local Shop to You Drop Super Center? I kind of fall into that last category...except with a slight twist. What do I mean you ask? Well...

You see Quirky could have been anything...a witch, a clown, a princess, a ghost, or a super hero. Did she want to be any of these things that are readily available where most costumes are sold? NOPE! Not Quirky. She just had to be...
a character from her Just Dance 2 video game. Go figure. So what's a mom to do? then sew of course. So a few shopping trips later and we had:

1 black clearance dress
1 pink jacket from Goodwill
1 blue belt from Goodwill
1 black wig from Target
1 pair of pink knee socks from our house

All the ingredients needed. So yesterday afternoon I brought out the sewing machine and shortened the arm sleeves, and shortened the jacket to the right length. Truth be told I didn't even measure my hems...I just folded over and sewed. The whole process of coming up with the costume was truthfully easier than I thought it would be. Does she look like the Just Dance character? I'm not so sure. But if you go by the smiles on her face when I let her try it on yesterday...her answer would be yes. Ultimately that is all that matters.