Friday, November 9, 2012


     There are days when I wonder why I chose to go back to homeschooling. Beating my head against the wall thinking...OK how can I explain this another way? Is there another way? Start to panic and then have day dream nightmares about how I am screwing her up for life. Yes...I have this thoughts in my head. It's like a multi-screen cinema with various scenarios constantly running...AT THE SAME TIME! It could drive me crazy or to give up but, then there are days like yesterday...

when our lives just seem to floating by on sunshine. Our morning flew by on the breeze with Quirky staying focused...No "Stop trying to catch dust and do your math please." or "The freckles on my hand are not that interesting..." Nope. We breezed through and she did great on all her work. Lunch came and life got even better. We bundled up, packed our lunch (hot soup, cocoa, and sandwiches) and had our lunch in a tent in our back yard. It was so much fun that we didn't want to we didn't. We grabbed our books and a few blankets and bundled up and did the rest of school in a tent. We read our way through the afternoon and brought history to life. Right there in our own backyard. It was wonderful.