Monday, February 25, 2013

You win some...You lose some

     I think might I have mentioned before that I am not a famous chef...nor a fabulous cook. But I can read a recipe and occasionally adapt them to make them my own. The other thing that I can do is admit when something I make goes wrong...

like these chocolate oatmeal muffins. They look beautiful. They look delicious. Quite frankly they are not. I adapted a recipe I found online. Which shall remain nameless...I mean really, I'm not praising this recipe nor recommending it. I adapted it by adding a little extra chocolate. Nothing major, just a little extra kick for us chocoholics. To say they were not good does not do these muffins justice. Poor Quirky, she tried to eat them. I tried to eat them. Alas...we could not. We even added a sugar glaze over a donut. No help. They were a disgrace to the word chocolate and they are now where they need to be decorating the bottom of my trash can. So there it is this world you win some and you lose some. This was a definite loss...don't worry though we are not ready to through in our aprons yet.