Friday, June 7, 2013

Don't Panic, But School Will Be Starting Soon...

    OK fine, I'll admit it we have a few months. ...yet here I am. Panicking. Our school year has yet to even come to a close I find that my mind and every free moment are completely emersed in the future. Planning. As every homeschooler and teacher can attest our summers are rarely free. My mind...well it's going a mile a minute.  Which textbook should I use...should I use textbooks at all? Is this a reliable resource? How can I integrate technology without it seeming forced and superficial? Will this lesson keep her attention and will she learn? Just what is project based learning? How should I space out my school year...can I fit it all in? What are our goals? and oh yeah....WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING!? AHHHHHH!

     I'm in full fledged panic mode and then Quirky steps in..."Mom, can we have a Harry Potter themed class next year?" The wheels begin to spin and things begin to fall into place. What better way to keep Quirky engaged in learning than to utilize her latest obsession. No...I'm not thinking cutesy bulletin boards and classroom decoration. I'm thinking of fully weaving Harry Potter into our lessons. Project ideas are popping in my mind faster than I can write them down. My mind is still going a mile a minute...but in a good way. The great thing is I feel like sharing, so go ahead and check out WEASLEY'S WHERE IN THE WORLD IS? This is just a starting point and I have yet to create our map but when I do I'll be sure to share.  I'm thinking the map itself may either be a large world map aged with tea bags or series of historical maps inserted in a lapbook style folder and once again aged with tea bags. Really the possibilities are endless. The great thing is...Quirky is so excited about the new school year.