Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is only one day...

Normally Dork and I don't make a really big deal out of Valentine's Day. We figure there are 365 days for us to show each other how much we care, and countless ways. From the little things that he does without fail,
like taking out the trash to brushing my hair to help me relax, they all let me know that he cares. I try to do the same. Together we try to teach Quirky that it is these little things that matter does not buy love.
All of this is not to say that we forget Valentine's Day altogether, far from it. This year he surprised me with red roses, and Quirky with a bouquet of mixed flowers. Later, he took us out to lunch. So after a great morning and lunch, Quirky and I decided to head back home and make our favorite guy a special treat, dark chocolate peanut butter balls. They are delicious, easy to make with kids, and a perfect way for us to show Dork how much he means to us.
Later, we gathered in the living room around the coffee table for movie night and a great dinner of homemade crab cakes and steamed vegetables. Dork was even kind enough to share his treats with us. It has been a perfect day...with the people that mean the most to me...the people I love.