Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cells and Microscopic Life Unit Study

For several weeks Quirky has been diligently working on a cells and microscopic life unit study. She has read books and magazines, went on countless Webquests, viewed videos on You Tube and utilized some great apps. We have looked at yogurt, yeast, to our own cheek and blood cells under our microscope. We have done experiments and collected pond water to view. In short, we have moved beyond the textbook...

she has been a scientist. Letting her curiosity lead her, she has travelled down many interesting avenues. It has been wonderful watching her learn, and it has been just as wonderful watching her create her beautiful watercolor posters illustrating what she has learned.
They are wonderful, and I am way to proud of her not to share. For those of you who may be curious about some of the resources that we used:

Kids Discover Cells App
Cell and Cell Structure App
An Introduction to Biology, Life Science by Roger O'Brien (iBooks)
 E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth (iBooks)

Quirky's Plant Cell Poster

Quirky's Prokaryotic Cell Poster
Quirky's Cell Cycle Poster

Quirky's Animal Cell Poster

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