Tuesday, May 20, 2014

AAAAHHHH....Multiplication Facts

I have tried just about everything that I can possibly think of to help Quirky memorize her basic multiplication facts, as had her teachers back during our public school days. Unfortunately, she is still inconsistent when it comes to multiplication. So when I ran across some multiplication rules posters that
were teacher made on Pinterest, I thought what a great idea but why shouldn't Quirky make her own? So after we spent a few days going over the rules, testing them out and seeing how they worked, I set her to making her own posters for her math using our Phoster App ( which is available in iTunes).
She did a great job on the posters and I was looking forward to those days of inconsistent multiplication being behind us. At this point I would love to tell you how great they worked and that Quirky is now my little multiplication genius, but truthfully she still struggles. The posters are beautiful and she deserves credit for listening and creating these wonderful posters but for us they just did not work.
The fact is Quirky doesn't like math and I think that the only way I could get Quirky to want to learn her multiplication facts is if the band One Direction was singing about them....six times six is thirty-six...you don't know your multiplying. I can hear it in my head now. Yeah, I would so buy that album. Who am I kidding...I'd buy one for the car, one for the house, and one from iTunes if it would work.