Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Basket Weaving...and a Thank You

Quirky's Basket
Back in February Quirky was lucky enough to attend a one day basket weaving course offered by our local library and taught by  her former art teacher. I've been meaning to post about for awhile but kept forgetting. The class itself was a mixture of teens and adults with Quirky being the youngest one there.
I took a leap of faith and left her to her class while I browsed in the library. I was a little worried about Quirky's frustration level hitting her max and turning into a full fledged meltdown. I need not have worried, her teacher is an extremely patient woman and the elderly lady who sat beside her was wonderful. When I checked back in the lady was patiently talking Quirky through a difficult part of her basket...I could see the frustration but I just sat back and watched. With the help from the lady beside her she got through it, and her basket turned out lovely. As I was helping Quirky clean up her supplies, the lady slipped away before I had a chance to get her name or even thank her for being so kind and patient. The odds are probably not good of this kind lady wandering across this blog post, but if you do then I want you to know... It's wasn't just a basket you made that day, it was my day and Quirky's day. With your help, a Mom got a few minutes of much needed solitude and Quirky got to see that she can try new things and accomplish great things...with the help and guidance of wonderful people like you.