Thursday, May 29, 2014

Biome Kids Meal Project

Kids Meal Project
At any given time Quirky and I usually have at least two science units going on. She absolutely loves science. She will dig right in and research, read, and take notes. She loves it...but truth be told Quirky works at her own pace...and by that I mean slow. Which is another reason why we often have more than one thing going at a time. If I didn't I don't know that we would get very far at all. My expectation when introducing this unit was for it to last about three weeks,  but Quirky was so excited about making an educational kids meal that she just didn't want to stop working. She researched, read, and took notes and got to work. The next thing I knew her project was done...more than a week early. So what exactly did Quirky have to do?

        She had to create an educational kids meal that would educate a young child on a biome of her choice. On one side of her meal she had to explain what a biome is and name and describe the major biomes of the earth. You can see that she chose to approach it almost like a lapbook, with flaps kids can lift to find more information. On the second side, since it closely relates to biomes, she had to define climate. She included a diagram and explained where most climates are typically found. She also had to include a brief description of the climate of her biome. Quirky chose the arctic tundra. On the third side she had to explain food chains and food webs and draw an example. I thought it was clever that she labeled this section "Nutrional Value". On the fourth side she created a bibliography of sorts, a if you want to know more section to encourage kids to learn more.

On the inside she created nuggets of information about animal adaptations for her chosen biome. On each nugget is an example of how animals have adapted to live in the tundra. She also created French fry fast facts on plant adaptations for her biome. On each French fry is listed one way in which plants have adapted to live in the tundra. 

For the prize she had to create a kid friendly book on an endangered species of her biome. Inside her book she talks about the reasons her animal is endangered and what is being done to prevent their extinction. 

 I may be biased but I think she did a beautiful job. She learned something and she got to be creative at the same time...which is right up Quirky's alley.