Friday, May 30, 2014

Flashback Friday...It may just look like a can of soup

but it's not. It's a step toward independence, a step toward not needing mom and dad quite as much, a step forward that left me surprised and proud

After a morning of completing our required standardized testing, we were ready for lunch and a break. I told Quirky to give me just a minute and then I would get lunch ready, then I called Dork for his daily "what do you feel like for dinner call".
As I talked on the phone with Dork, I watched as she grabbed a can of tomato soup and a bowl from the cabinet. I motioned for her to hold on, thinking she would need help opening it...because as recently as the beginning of this year she was afraid to try. She just looked at me and pulled back the top and carefully peeled it off and laid it aside. Then with the deftness of a pro she scooped out the soup, diluted it with the necessary water, and heated in the microwave. Before I even got off the phone with Dork she had the soup out, sprinkled with cheese and had begun eating. 

Some of you may be thinking so, the girl can open soup. I my mind though I flashback to the countless times I've made lunch for Quirky. I flashback to the times when I have felt so sick I could barely stand...yet I made lunch for Quirky. I think of all the times I have been frustrated over the little things, with negative thoughts raging through my mind...I'm going to be doing this when I'm 70!

Today, you could say that Quirky put me in my place. She let me know that she is growing up and gaining independence. It's so easy to forget, in the aggravation of a hectic day, that while the teen years bring on a whole new host of problems, they also bring on many wonderful things.