Monday, May 26, 2014

Literary Device Posters

This school year Quirky has read several novels independently, and we have read several novels aloud together. Everything from Harry Potter to Hugo Cabret. She loves to read and To be read to, and I am so glad. For each novel, along with her readers journal and other book specific projects, we payed close attention to the authors techniques...
in other words literary devices. Each time we came across a device in our reading we stopped and defined it. Then we spent a few minutes brainstorming any other examples that we could think of through out our reading careers, and boy does Quirky have a good memory! We discussed books from years ago. We then moved on to ways she might incorporate what she has learned in her own writing. After our discussion, instead of just taking boring notes in her notebook Quirky took a few moments to create a digital poster, for each new term we covered, using the Phoster App. I am glad that we did this, because now we have this gorgeous collection of resource posters. I plan on splurging and printing these out for Quirky to put in her Literature notebook as review for next year. They turned out absolutely beautiful.