Friday, May 16, 2014

Supermom...well maybe

Quirky and I have been working on a Unit Study of the Human Body for several weeks now, and I have been saving the awkward for last...yeah you've got it...the reproductive system. Of course Quirky and I have had the "birds and the bees" talk but now we are looking into things a little more closely...Yikes!

We are talking parts and functions and visuals...good grief I'm blushing just thinking about all this. Anyway so far I have powered through using some great resources; from a Human Body App by Tiny Bop, our Science textbook to a great pamphlet on puberty by Always. After each class section we have a question and answer session...anything judgement...ask mom anything kind of thing, and write it down if you are too embarrassed to say it out loud. We have had talks about puberty, periods, boys, acne, and a multitude of other things. I breezed right through those with confidence...almost with an attitude of "Yeah...I got this covered...Supermom working it out." Then she stole my cape...not Supermom...confused mom. You see Quirky asked me something that I was sure she understood. Something that we covered a few years back with the birds and the bees... "Does it always take a man and a woman to make a baby?" Of course I breezed through the answer and we even touched on fertility assistance...but she was still unsure. Her mouth was saying that she understood, but her face was saying I don't believe you. Truth betold I was baffled why she was finding this...of all things confusing. Later on, when Dork got home, I mentioned the whole thing to him wondering what he would make of it. He just looked at me and said two words..."Star Wars". You see recently Quirky has become a devoted Star Wars fan, and if you have seen "The Phantom Menace" then you might know the scene that had Quirky so confused "There was no father..."  Lucky for me Dork pays more attention to movies than I do and cleared things up, and today I cleared things up with Quirky. We had a good long talk about fantasy and reality, and I got my cape back...a little torn and worse for the wear but hey, it still fits.