Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Field-trip...Bird Sanctuary

One of the most important parts of education, in my humble opinion, is actually seeing and experiencing the world around you. Yes you can talk about birds, read about birds, look at websites about birds and yes you can even find videos about birds if you look hard enough. And yes, a person can learn a lot from all of those things, but nothing can comparing to watching someone fascinated at seeing all of these magnificent birds close up. Quirky and I were very lucky this year and were able to go on a fieldtrip with friends of ours to a Bird Sanctuary. They were kind enough to ask us to tag along on a fieldtrip they had already planned. I am so glad that they did.

There we were able to see birds of all kinds, and from all over the world. Birds that other than in a book, Quirky might not ever have been able to see. The multitude of colors, from flashy to camouflage, left you with not knowing where to look first. It really was a visual feast for your eyes. The sounds were strange, exotic, musical, and often chaotic. So many birds in one place do make a lot of noise, but Quirky handled it better than I thought. In fact she was absolutely mesmerized and so was I. In one enclosure you could actually walk right up and feed the flamingos, and have parakeets land on you begging to be fed. 

It truly was a wonderful day.