Thursday, June 12, 2014

Field Trip...Jazz and Blues Concert Series

Music Appreciation: Jazz
We are fortunate to have near us a community college that often offers free events, such as plays, concerts, or lectures, that are open to the public. This school year, for music appreciation, we were to able to take advantage of a series of Jazz and Blues concerts and lectures. We were able to attend two of the concerts.

The first concert that we attended was The Stephen Anderson Trio. Their music was light and almost playful. Quirky and I both enjoyed the music, and she and I had a great time together. You can find out more about this group here, you can also find their music on iTunes. 

The second concert that we attended was Bill Meyers and the Monitors. I was already familiar with their music and was excited, but they were completely new to Quirky. Their music was bit brassier, and a bit louder than the previous concert. This made Quirky a little edgy, but she pulled her hood up and pulled the strings tight. This helped to filter the sound a little bit for her sensitive ears. We got a few stares, but I don't mind because Quirky was able to finish the concert without a meltdown or us having to leave. After the concert, she told me that they were her favorite despite the loudness. She enjoyed the fact that it was not purely instrumental. You can find out more about this group here, you can also find their music on iTunes. 

Overall this was a great experience for us. It allowed me to give Quirky the chance to be exposed to music she wouldn't normally choose. Yes, we could have played the music at home, but taking her to the concerts, and letting her see the musicians create their music, was more of a learning experience that I could have hoped for at home. Will she become a Jazz and Blues fan? Honestly, probably no time soon...middle age jazz musicians just can't compete with teenage boy bands, but who knows what the future holds.